Mice attack

ITEM ONE : If anybody need me, I’ll be at the Laugh Lines Comedy Club for the next couple of nights, as my friendSteveMarmel takes the stage. Steve is headlining until Sunday,and it’s always a blast when he’s in town. We’re also celebrating some great news that both of us have had recently.

Steve’s also the only guy I know who’s ever had a drink named after him (although I prefer margaritas, myself, it’s still pretty darned impressive.)So come on out and catch a great show.

ITEM TWO : There are mice in the closet in my office. My brother and I (well, my brother, mostly) installed a network here at the houselinking all the computers. While cleaning out a closet, I discovered that the scratchings I feared were mice are indeed mice. Mouse droppings and a couple of pieces of original artwork the mice had started munching on were the give-away.

Why were there mice in the closet in the first place? Behind the artwork,I found a couple of old bags of sourgumballs that they’d been feasting on.

Let’s let that sink in for a moment: the mice were living on SOUR GUMBALLS!

Maude the cat is investigating.


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