Huge Thanks

ITEM ONE : HUGE thanks go out to James Haughton and Hendrik and Trina Mell, who all become Supply Sergeants in the Army of Dorkness forsending me some Cheese Twisties (the GREATEST cheese-based snack-food in the world)from Australia. I now have stocks enough to last through the Spring (the Blinking Billies gummi Koalas were also appreciated).

Now if only I could track down some Westvlerteren 12 to go with them. (OK, that’s something probably best saved for Brugge cheese.I just discovered it’s finally available in Madison, and I’m doing a heppy, heppy dance…)

ITEM TWO : Once you’re done with DORK TOWER today, head on over toGameSpy.comfor a BRILLIANT bit of comic writing!

Boss Academy: School of Villainy
How to be a Videogaming Bad Guy
By – Dave “Fargo” Kosak

It’s a must, must, MUST read!


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