OK. I'm not proud…

I will admit that Doryand Reyne and the lovely and talented Judith and I all hit the Gridiron(a local watering hole with VERY fine grub) tonight to watch the season finale of "Temptation Island".

You know: "Temptation Island," on Fox. The worst show in the history of broadcast toever have BEEN broadcast? "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"for TV? Right. THAT "Temptation Island." We were primed. We were ready. We were in fine heckling form!

All the couples decided to stick together.

WHAT a letdown.

I mean, if any couples should never, EVER be allowed to breed, it’s these three (four, if you count the pair that was previously booted off).

I do not want ANY of these six people in the gene pool. The fact that they are now presumably copulating with impunity is quite simply beyond me. I’m making a Sanity Check as we speak. I’m no fan of big government, but can we talk forced sterilization? Because right now, I’m ALL for that.

I’m not vindictive, but I wanted a PAYOFF!

I don’t watch much television,but beside seeing the entire Island nuked with the couples AND host Mark Wahlberg at ground zero (and thus doubling the collective IQ of the United States), all I wanted to be happy was to see these insufferable things wallow in their own misery (and maybe — just maybe — have Billy slaughter someone to top things off). Instead, we got slick, scripted, pat and utterly unbelievable endings.


If I wanted to be THIS disappointed, I’d just go watch another Super Bowl…


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