I live to explore the world.

Nothing captures my imagination more than new sights and sounds, foreign cultures and exotic climes.

And it’s VERY good for my gaming.

Because of far-flung adventure, you ask? No, because I despise flying.

I’m six-foot-four. The average plane seat, it’s common knowledge, is built with the comfort level of one who’s four-foot-two in mind. (The last time the human race averaged that stature, we were one short link above the mastodon on the food chain).

So for me, flying is nasty, brutish, and far too long.

With my convention schedule, I have to fly. A lot. And as far as I’m concerned, there’s only one way to fly.


LEGALLY drugged, I hasten to add. The only pills I’ll pop are ones that have my MD’s seal of approval. Lorazapam? Two thumbs up. A couple of these, along with a beer chaser (AKA a “Brett Favre Special”) usually has me waking up in another country before you can say “Betty Ford.”

On my last Atlantic crossing, I surfed the in-flight videos for some entertainment before conking out. The movie selection included “Elizabeth,” “Good Will Hunting” and “The Blair Witch Project.” I can’t honestly tell you which I settled on before the big sleep hit, but I’m relatively sure it had something to do with an English queen who was lost in the woods on a quest for mathematical knowledge during the Renaissance.

I’m not certain how it ended, but I do remember thinking it’d make a smashing roleplaying adventure.

I have to fly to a convention in Germany in April. I’ve already checked: the in-flight movies will be “Bring It On,” “Hannibal” and the remastered “Hard Day’s Night.”

All I know is, you don’t want to be in my gaming group when I return.


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