Dork Tower 13 Cover

Here’s the cover for Dork Tower 13, which goes to press (finally) next week! (Click on it or on the above link for the full-size version).

Aaron Williams, the mad genius behind NODWICK, drew it.

I’m starting to get really excited about this issue. I think it will be great — it clocks in at 48 pages, with tons of backup features, and an eight-page pullout, official-as-a-three-dollar-bill supplement for Vampire: The Masquerade, "Clanbook Perky." Phil Masters wrote it, so you know it rocks. PLUS there’s a HUGE development in the Dork Tower storyline. It’s so secret I’m not even going to THINK about giving out hints!

Stay tuned!

Now I’m off to see Matthew Sweet. Reports to follow…


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