Matthew Sweet Concert

Spent much of the weekend tracking down elusive Matthew Sweet tickets for his Wednesday night concert. Which is something I hadn’t figured on doing, given that when I called Mad City Music on Friday (where the tickets were on sale), the woman I spoke with said they had plenty left.

“So they won’t sell out?”

“Only if about a billion people come down today.”

So I waited until Saturday to pick up the tickets.

When, of course, they had sold out…

Fortunately, after traipsing all over town Saturday to try and get tickets, a second show was announced by Sunday. So all ended well.

UN-fortunately, the concert will conflict with Temptation Island. This has become must-see TV for the lovely and talented Judith, myself and a few friends if only because it’s the single most awful program filled with the single most awful group of people I could ever imagine. In other words, the show’s a complete riot, and Wednesdays have become Temptation Island party night for us.

So it looks like we’ll actually be taping Wednesday’s episode for a special Thursday night viewing. A joke’s a joke, but Matthew Sweet is Matthew Sweet.

The ARCHIVES are nearly complete. I was putting up some old SHADIS strips when I discovered Matthew Sweet’s first cameo appearances in Dork Tower. So check them out, if you get a chance.

And get ready for a great show, if you’re going!


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