It’s Friday, and there’s a NEW Dork Tower at Pyramid Magazine Online, if you’re a subscriber!

Me? I’m psyched. Yesterday was a VERY good day. I discovered Matthew Sweet will be playing in Madison next Wednesday, and my pal Steve Marmel is going to be performing in town next month.

I love how small things like this can just make a day awesome. Matthew Sweet was responsible for one of the best pop albums ever in the early ’90s, "Girlfriend." And last year’s "In Reverse" was a great return to form. His web site’s superb, and there are lots of samples of his stuff. Here’s one now. And here’s the review of "In Reverse" I wrote for "It Must Be Mine!" in Dork Tower #9.

Steve, as many regular readers know, is a standup comic who I’ve known since college, and last year his first Comedy Central special aired. He’s also had an HBO special, and I can’t wait to see him again. He’ll be at the Laugh Lines comedy club March 15-18.

I don’t go to many shows since I stopped reviewing for the State Journal a couple of years ago. But then, there aren’t that many I want to see. Finding out about two great ones in a day is just marvelous!


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