First off, today is my Dad's birthday. HAPPY BIRTH

Secondly, do you want to know just how much I love my readers? A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my two favorite beers in the world were Westvlerteren 12, and, slightly behind it, Gulden Draak, both from Belgium.

You know what? Today, in the mail, Jan Hendriks, of the Netherlands, SENT ME TWO BOTTLES OF GULDEN DRAAK.

I mean, I didn’t even know it was legal to send beer in the States. But there they were: two bottles of what I consider to be one of the top two beers in the world.

Gulden Draak is dark, but its taste is sweet and complex. I’d describe it as a carmely elixir, and I can only imagine it’s what the Dwarves of the great sprawling fantasies sing about in their spinechilling, epic ballads. It’s a beverage that tastes of tradition and craft, of love and passion. It’s a beer that can double as desert. It’s a brew that is truly heaven-sent. It’s why the Van Steenberge brewery was placed on this earth.

And I’m having a glass now, sent directly from Europe.

E-mail Jan here and let him know how cool he is…I sure will…


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