TAO NOW – 27.12.21

Here’s where things are at: The last four pages should go to the proofreaders today. I need to finish the afterward today or tomorrow, as well as the “Thank You” page. I need to finish coloring he Sistine Pages in the next few days. Then the PDFs go off to the Kickstarter backers, and Matt- […]

TAO NOW – 14.12.21

Not a great day, overall, but nevertheless managed solid forward progress on THE TAO OF IGOR, draping up pages 202, 204 and the post-credits scene (219-222). This only leaves pages 205-208 to be finished off and cleaned up, as well as my Afterword (211-212) the Acknowledgements (215). Then I need to make the corrections my […]

TAO NOW – December 13, 2021

OK, I’ve been terrible at updating this work blog as often as I’d hoped, but I’ve been aces about actually getting work done every day, to finish up THE TAO OF IGOR. I’m back in the US, after ten days in London, mostly for my sister’s 50thy birthday. I accomplished a great deal on TAO […]

TAO NOW – Sunday, 5 December

I’m in London this week, for my sister’s 50th birthday. I’d intended this to be a bit more of a break from work, but with TAO still uncompleted, I’m finishing off more pages. This is OK. Working on TAO is great fun. (Though it will be even more fun once it’s done.) I’m hoping to […]

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