MUSKRAT RAMBLINGS – What's in a name?

Things I obsess about so that you don’t have to: the relative strengths, weaknesses and punchline-ic comedic differences between “Gaimanda,” “Neimanda,” “Neilanda,” “Amaneil,” “Gaimer” and “Palman.” Well, maybe not “Palman.” That just sounds dirty. Indecision. I haz it. **** Holy carp! I won first place for editorial cartoons in the National Newspaper Association Better Newspapers […]

Super Happy Robot Cartoon Muskrat Philosophy Fun Hour

If you can see this strip, congratulations. The site’s been overwhelmed with traffic, apparently, causing the problems of the last few months. New server move expected soon…VERY soon, I hope…

Super Happy Robot Cartoon Twitter Britain Fun Hour

DORK ADDENDA: Yes, I realize Matt’s Tweet is longer than 140 characters. Let’s just suspend disbelief and say he doesn’t actually Tweet the ellipses that drives the timing between panels 3 and 4, shall we. 🙂

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