Venezuelan Beaver Cheese…

One thing I’m enjoying about my time in London, apart from how well my dad is doing, is getting to engage in a bit of foodie geekdom while helping the family out. My mom’s letting me cook (for once), and yesterday I made some Black Bean and Jalapeno soup for everyone, served with a great […]

Fountains of Islington

Is anybody else a Music Geek here? I mean, the sort of person who watched (or read — or most likely did both) “High Fidelity,” and thought “yeah…that’s me…” In a previous incarnation (about ten years ago), I used to write music reviews for the local Madison morning newspaper. One of these days, I’ll come […]

Broadcast me a joyful noise unto the times..

London calling. It’s been a GREAT day, so I’m not sure why REM’s “Bad Day” keeps running through my mind… My Dad’s operation is over, and he made it through spectacularly. The triple bypass went so well, in fact, that they didn’t even put him in intensive care, afterwards. He looks great (everyone was prepping […]

Monday Morning Musings

It’s finally hitting me: I’m missing GENCON. I haven’t been keeping exact count, but this is, like, the first GenCon I’ll be missing in decades. Of course, where my mind’s at right now, that’s a minor, minor thing. I’m leaving for London tomorrow, to be with family for my dad’s heart operation and recuperation. I’m […]

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