Hiding now

I don’t do birthdays well. Seriously. So, I’ll just leave you with today’s cartoon, and go and hide for a couple of days. John PS. Um…because of the holiday and the workload and all, I hope folks don’t mind if a couple of Unspeakable Oafs run on the Dork Tower web site this coming Thursday […]

Halo Halo Halo HALO

Can’t…get…Nirvana’s…”Smells Like Teen Spirit” out of my @$%!#@!!! head now. I have nobody to blame but myself. Honestly, I just drew Today’s Cartoon to show Igor moshing to the words “Halo Halo Halo Halo.” Which was fun and cool and came out exactly like I wanted, and I love Nirvana…BUT… …now…no matter HOW much Aimee […]

Weird Mood Friday

It’s less than a week to my birthday (the 24th, thanks for asking), and I’m thinking of just not doing anything. What I want to do is have my entire group of friends over for a fab time. But said group has kind of been spiralling away from one another like the arms of a […]

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