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Muskrat Mailbag 27.05.14 – Origins, Prequels, and Naughty Words


When at Origins will you be in “artists alley” or similar That is available to meet fans, etc Harold Shindel – Columbus, OH I’ll probably be at a special guest signing area that Origins has – not sure of what times, but I’ll be there at least once a day. I should also have some signings […]

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The Con Game, 2014


So I added another appearance to my 2014 schedule: GEEK CON, here in my lovely little Madison, in late August. Geek Kon a terrific show that’s growing by geeks and bounds, and I’m chuffed to be back. I’m particularly happy that I’ll be hanging with co-Guests and Team Blink co-conspirators Chris Jones and Joseph Scrimshaw. Indeed, there’s […]

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Be part of a Master Thesis on Gaming!


Dear John, My name is Dorothée Jankuhn. I’m a Master Student in Cultural Anthropology at the Göttingen University in Germany. We briefly met at the Hannover Spielt last year. My master thesis is about German Style Boardgames and their distinctive perception outside of Europe. For that I still need intervievees or people willing to fill out […]

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Boba Fett, Cake Boss

Boba Fett, Cake Boss It was my nephew’s 13th birthday, Monday. So the Lovely and Talented Judith,  Daughter, Age 5, and I spent the weekend with family, in the great city of St. Louis. My nephew’s a great kid, and is currently in a Star Wars phase. But I repeat myself. He also got Daughter, […]

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Dave Trampier, 1954-2014


Dave Trampier, 1954-2014 I just found out, through a friend, that Dave Trampier passed away, a few days ago. An absolute pioneer of RPG comics, and one of the iconic first-wave fantasy roleplaying artists, Dave also left us with one of the greatest mysteries in gaming: his utter disappearance in 1988. Even if you’re unfamiliar […]

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DORK ADDENDA – Some Nice Games You May Have Missed


DORK ADDENDA I’m in Las Vegas this week, for the GAMA Trade Show, so I’m running some gaming-heavy strips from Game Trade Magazine, and trying not to lose too much money on quarter video poker. Not everyone knew about the games I talk about in the strips here, here and here, so I added some info […]

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This is what is known as a “teaser.” Consider yourself teased. – John GOT A QUESTION FOR THE HOUSE OF MUSKRAT? Click here for our handy-dandy online Feedback Form! Please be sure to add your name, and where you’re writing from. Or, drop us a line the old-fashioned way, at: Muskrat Mailbag Box 45063 Madison, WI 53744 […]

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Origins 2014


The Origins Game Fair, 2014 GUYS! GUYS! I’m honored and delighted to announce that I’ll be the Artist Guest of Honor at the 2014 Origins Game Fair, in Columbus, Ohio. This is a huge honor, frankly. It’s been too long long since I’ve been to Origins, and I can’t wait to get back there. I’ve […]

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HEY, KIDS! Free comic books!

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 10.02.26 AM

FREE COMIC BOOKS! Hey, gang! There are a couple of cool sales of my stuff going on at the moment. Honestly, it’s sorta difficult keeping up with them all. But I share, because I love! Also because I like paying rent. We’ll get to the free comics in a minute… But first, FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING […]

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MUSKRAT MAILBAG – The Tao That Shall Not Be Named!


Hi John, Let me just say that I am a fan of your work and have been for over a decade. Which makes it a little frustrating that you haven’t finished the story from the comics after issue 36. I mean the last issue has content for the old Kobolds Ate My Baby which just […]

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