A Quick Post-It Lunch Notes FAQ

  For various reasons, this morning was a little bit of a down day (no Duck pun intended). So here’s something that always makes me happy. The Week in Post-it Lunch Notes for Daughter, Age 8: MONDAY TUESDAY   WEDNESDAY   THURSDAY   (She has pizza or subs supplied by the school on Fridays). POST-IT […]

Insane Charity Bike Ride 2017 Update

  A few days ago, donations for Insane Charity Bike Ride 2017 stopped, almost completely. For reasons that are perfectly understandable. Tropical Storm Harvey. Truth be told, it feels crass, right now, to be raising money for anything except for those suffering along the Gulf Coast. While the Fair Share Coalition does important work here, […]

Attack of the Summer Tomatoes

Late in the summer, it’s a constant race to prep fresh garden veggies for sauces and soups, for canning or freezing. Peeling tomatoes to be preserved isn’t particularly difficult, but it usually involves blanching and ice baths, or fire-roasting – both of which can be  time-consuming and messy. Particularly when you’re dealing with 10 or […]

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