Alas, poor Shakespeare. I drew him…

Munhckin Shakespeare is DONE! At least my part. Final tally: about 250 cards, bookmarks, covers, etc. It was, without question, the largest single Munchkin project I’ve ever tackled at one sitting. Well, several sittings, really. Over about a two-month period. The final sitting was the best, though. In London at the time, I wandered around Southwark […]

On the Road Again

Hey, gang – I’m working through my schedule for 2017, and finally updates the Appearances page here at the mothership. There may be some small cons added, here and there. There are definitely some big shows in late 2017 I can’t talk about yet – at least one in Canada that’s not been announced, and a couple […]

“Blow blow, thou Stretch-Goals” – MUNCHKIN SHAKESPEARE art notes

Munchkin Shakespeare Art Notes … told by an idiot, full of ink and furry monsters, signifying an aching wrist…. Usually, when I get around to typing up the dreaded Art Notes for a Muchkin project, said project has been finished for months. Typically, I need to go back: to revisit the gig, to re-familiarize myself […]

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