DORKSTOCK 2017 – All that and a bag of nerds

GAMEHOLE CON is nearly here, and with it comes DORKSTOCK 2017 – a teeny tiny little division of the show! Nancy Hutchins, this year’s Dorkstock Director, has put together the largest one yet! Huge thanks to her for all her help (particularly since I’ve been occupied with other things – I’ll be less of a […]

The Great Dorkstock Igor Bar Bake-Off is back!

  This upcoming coming weekend marks Gamehole Con, a fantastic gaming convention here in Madison, with a teeny tiny con-within-a-con called Dorkstock too go along with it! And if there’s a Dorkstock, there’s surely an Igor Bar bake-off, around lunchtime, Saturday.  If you’re coming to Gamehole Con/Dorkstock, we’d love to see your take on the classic […]

Unrivaled Unravelled

Did you know that this Saturday, someone will win $10,000 for playing Munchkin? Munchkin? I sure didn’t, until a few months ago. The Unrivaled Tournaments have become serious business, and conclude this weekend, their Grand Finals in Las Vegas. Meaning some lucky gamers shall win $10,000 each for playing the likes of Munchkin, King of Tokyo, […]

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