ORIGINS GAME FAIR: My Obligatory Guest of Honor Post

  One last time: EVERYONE GOT THEIR CHARITY COLORING BOOKS BY NOW, right? Good. Coolcoolcool. Me? I’m bouncing off the walls, at the moment. Because I’m packing for the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend! It’s a bit of an odd feeling, as I’ve not been to the show in seven or eight years, best as […]

Matt and Gilly: Theme (Music) and Variation

  First off: EVERYONE GOT THEIR CHARITY COLORING BOOKS BY NOW, right? Anyway, here’s a new drawing of Matt and Gilly I just finished. Gilly is back in her black Perky Goth garb for the first time in years. So I suppose this counts as a #ThrowbackThursday on some level. Why am I thinking about (and drawing) Matt and […]

Get Yer Charity Coloring Books Here!

You may remember that last year, I went on an insane 70-mile bike ride. For charity. Mostly you may remember this because I keep reminding you about it. Over and over and over. You guys helped me raise an insane amount of money at Bike the Barns, to benefit the Fair Share CSA coalition. I had hoped to raise […]

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