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In his Lovely Pink Nursery…Great Cthulhu Waits Dreaming


Best. Nursery. Ever? Last year, Dork Tower reader and Munchkin player Jason Cline commissioned a very large drawing of Chibithulhu from me, for his daughter’s nursery. (On occasion, I have free time (I KNOW, right?) and take some commissions. I don’t, right now. Please don’t ask, or I may start to whimper. I promise to […]

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Social Network Anxiety Disorder – DORK TOWER 09.04.13


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Heck of a Job, Brownie!


Daughter, Age 4, adores her daycare. It’s a very spiffy place, and wifey and I likewise love it enormously. It’s also just over a mile away from my studio, and fifteen minutes out of downtown Madison. So while technically it’s on the other side of town from our house, Madison is not a very big […]

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April Fools! – DORK TOWER 01.04.13


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