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An Open Letter to ABC from my friend, Leon.

Did you watch “A Charlie Brown Christmas” last Tuesday night, and think it seemed a bit…shorter than usual? Well, it was. And my friend Leon puts this into word far better than I could have. Please pass on, share, and enjoy. TO: ABC FROM: Leon Lynn RE: Desecration of “A Charlie Brown Christmas” 12/8/09 Dear […]

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Game Nights and Blog Tours – a few words with Jonny Nexus

A few years ago, I read a few very good, very geeky books: “Achtung, Scweinhund,” by Harry Pearson; “The Elfish Gene” by Mark Barrowcliffe, and “Game Night,” by Jonny Nexus, On Monday 16th November, Jonny Nexus embarked on a project to publish the entire text of his ENnie award nominated roleplaying novel Game Night on […]

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DORK TOWER, Friday, December 4, 2009 – Mayadamus


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DORK TOWER, Wednesday, December 2, 2009 – Maya Day



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