Now with added RSS…

There’s now an RSS feed where you can get updates, as requested by many folks. Yup, welcome to 2002, John… Also added: Atom feed. Is that something I should have known about? You can find these on the left-hand side of the home page Thanks, as always, to Webgoddess Cat for making it […]

Rest in peace, Dave.

I just got off the phone with a family friend who spoke to Dave Arneson’s daughter. Dave passed from this world last night. Rest in peace, Dave. Our world is far richer for you and what you have given us all. UPDATE: Memorial at the funeral home April 20th. Public welcome. Bradshaw Funeral Home, 678 […]

Dave Arneson in Hospice

I’ve got voice confirmation from a friend of Dave Arneson’s, who spoke with Dave’s daughter today. Dave Arneson IS in hospice care. F**cking internet and its “unconfirmed, but we’ll assume it’s true” paradigm. I’m looking at YOU, Escapist magazine. “Not confirmed” means you do not put it in a bloody headline. “Assuming the reports […]

Len Wein's house burns

First came the news on Aaron Allston. Then Dave Arneson. Now there’s word that Len Wein – one of my very favorite folks in the comics biz – has lost his house and his beloved dog in a blaze. Fortunately, family is OK, but…seriously…Dear Universe: ENOUGH ALREADY! Please. Holy crap, this is seriously depressing. Len […]

Dave Arneson hospitalized

From various sources: Dave Arneson is in the hospital: prognosis poor. . The Arneson family prefers peace and quiet. Please no attempts to contact. All possible best thoughts, hopes, wishes and prayers to one of the men responsible for who I am now.

Death in the family

My apologies for nothing new on the web site this week. There’s been a death in the family. We’re on our way to the service now. Will try to have things back on a regular posting schedule ASAP. With luck, next week. John

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