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“Sci Fi Channel Aims to Shed Geeky Image With New Name” –

Also, YES, I know that, if they’re pronouncing it, “Sci Fi” and “Sy Fi” sound the same, so the cartoon can’t possible work. So would “sigh” and “sy,” so JUST SHUT UP ALREADY! OK! I’ NOT LISTENING! I’M NOT LISTENING! LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA!


This is the last comic strip I did for the last issue of Scrye magazine, published a couple of weeks ago.

I’m quite sad to see its passing. It was a fine read, put out by good people. Will gaming ever support another print magazine like it, or Dragon, or Dungeon, or Shadis, again?

All of a sudden, I want to re-reard all of my Journals of the Travellers’ Aid Society…

Analog Spamming

My junk folder fills up with new, different and imaginative forms of Spam every. Phishers take to recently-unveiled technologies – Skype, for example, or the latest superhipcool networking site – in the blink of an electronic eye. Trolls still toll their tiresome way on message boards and listserves across teh Intertubes. So it is sometimes […]


Arby’s –

Wikipedia entry –

Nothing against Arby’s personally. I just was recently in one that was actually offering Wi-Fi, and I was amused by this. Oh, yeah – plus, they’re not really that good anymore. YMMV. But try a jamocha shake. Tell ’em John sent ya.

Still alive…

Blogs Monday-Wednesday-Friday this week. New Dork Tower cartoons Tuesday-Thursday, as I attempt to crawl out from this mountain of work and get the website back on track. *** Had a great time at the Madison Jonathan Coulton concert last Thursday, thanks for asking. Even with an ice-storm that hit midway through the show, so the […]

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