Spirit of Halloweens Past

New cartoons up on DorkTower.com next week, starting Monday, November 3. Plus, an important announcement. Until then… **** I grow old. I grow old/I shall make my daughter dress like Ben Folds. Yes, Paradigm Shift #2072 has been come to pass, in the last week and a half, since fatherhood began. To wit: I could […]

Louisa and Dorkstock

OK. Obviously, posts from this point on will be sporadic and mostly brief. I need to spend my time staring in awe at my daughter. Grin. PROUD grin! Hundreds of lovely “congratulations” notes from all over the world to be amazed by, and thank you for each and every one. I’m going to print them […]

Louisa Claudette-Marie

Astute readers and correspondents have noticed I’ve been under radio silence for a few days. No cartoons. No posts. I was busy. So was Judith. And now, we are three. And we are home. We only told a few people, these last nine months. Family and a very few (certainly not all) close friends. But […]

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