Water, Water Everywhere…

Can you believe it’s been nine years since I did this strip for Comic Shop News? Sorry about running repeats this week. I was all set with what I hoped would be a great series of strips on 4th Edition. Unfortunately, a few things came up. Specifically, many, many massive thunderstorms that hit our little […]

What is to be done?

A confession: I pre-ordered D&D 4th Edition from Amazon.com. Not because of their prices, no. Not because I don’t try and support my local stores at every possible opportunity. Again: no…a thousand times, no! I pre-ordered it from Amazon simply because I thought I might forget when the books would be released, and miss the […]

Foodie Friday

I’m still shocked – SHOCKED – that I enjoy Top Chef as much as I do. Compared to the clusterf**k that is “The Next Food Network Star,” however, it’s absolute Peabody-winning Must-See-TV. It will be interesting, this final battle between Richard and Stephanie. Let’s hope neither slips up. I can’t see Lisa even in the […]

Waiting for GoDotCom

I was gonna run with “Waiting for Godot” series longer than just two strips, but honestly, it just never came together the way I wanted it to. Dare I say, the way I was waiting for it to… **** I mentioned the other day that a piece of art was lost/stolen during an art show […]

The Games (Almost) 100

The sketch from whence this weeks’ strips sprung. Plus Jervis Johnson’s e-mail. Meaning I must have had this idea sometime during last Warpcon. I wonder how it would have differed if I’d written the series back then. Behind it you can see the sketch for one of the Guitar Hero strips I did a few […]

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