Muskrat Ramblings…literally…

Stewart Heinz e-mailed me this, yesterday. John, Spotted the attached on Lake Mendota this evening. Cheers, Stew Why…why, LOOK: It’s…it’s a MUSKRAT! And it’s…rambling. Coolio. **** I needed that to cheer me up, because right now, it looks like I’ll be missing the GAMA Trade Show, in Las Vegas. It’s almost always a grand time, […]

Alex Robinson Week

Here it is. The end. Many of you should now see why I find Alex Robinson’s comics and graphic novels among the finest, most satisfying I’ve ever read. “Box Office Poison” and “Tricked” were both superb, and I was flattered when he asked me to write the intro to “BOP”, a collection of Box Office […]

April 1st Guest Artist Week

Today marks the start of a four-part Dork Tower story done by none other than my really great pal, Alex Robinson (aka Alexbot3000 on LiveJournal). It really is very, very good, and I’m unbelievably happy to be running it here. I’m using my LiveJournal Pages to run a larger sized version of the comic than […]

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