Bread and Circuses

No, you’re not seeing things. There was a different comic up for Monday, Dec. 10, earlier this morning. What it really needed, though, was an introductory/explanatory strip to lead up to it. So I pushed the cartoon that was up on the web site earlier back until this coming Wednesday. So, sorry if, in a […]

Foodie Friday

But first, today’s Dork Tower: as noted, the first two panels above happened verbatim as they appear here, when I first tried to find a Wii a couple of weeks ago. *** One of my favorite magazines is Cook’s Illustrated, a sometimes dour, often overly-serious but seldom less than blindingly useful periodical that I frequently […]

Ninja Day (and Munchkin Year)!

Crud. I really should be getting some work done now. But apparently, today is the Day of the Ninja. So when better to announce a cool new Out of the Box game: Ninja Versus Ninja! This should be out early next year, and will contain a dozen or so REALLY cool little mini Ninjas, designed […]

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