Many Monday Musings

I’m doing a series of cartoons on some of the more mundane aspects of the day-to-day life of the Dork Tower characters. In part, to make sure I’m happy with the relatively new (and relatively consistent) four-panel format at, and in part just to play with a new kind of paper and size I’m […]

British Apples and Super Munchkins

Some terrific news: The British Isles Edition of Apples to Apples has landed! In Britain, at any rate. Which is the whole point. According to my good friend Angus Abranson’s blog: One bright point of the day was receiving a delivery from David Westnedge (a UK games company) who are distributing the all new “British […]

Two Degrees of Separation?

I’d like to get in touch with a couple of people: Comedian Jonathan Katz (he of Dr. Katz and standup fame) Cartoonist Darby Conley (he of Get Fuzzy fame) If anyone has any contact info for these two esteemed individuals, or indeed is pals with them, please e-amil me, should you feel so inclined. Sekrit […]

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