One Week 'Til Dorkstock!

Dorkstock/Rock-Con is a mere week away (November 3-5). And it’s gonna be a BLAST. Lots of games to be played. Out of the Box, Steve Jackson, Fantasy Flight (including the first OFFICIAL Mag*Blast third edition tourney), and others. (For heaven’s sake, Scott “Igor” Olman will be running Kobolds Ate My Baby again! The prize here? […]

Wednesday Afternoon Goodness

Just noticed 1600* people have now friended my LiveJournal blog, so…um…I’d better post something. **** British Isles Apples to Apples should be in stores UK- (and Ireland)-side by this point in time. About bloody time. 🙂 If you’re not in the UK, you can now get the British Apples version over at the Out of […]

News, news, news! Wowza.

Lots of news to tell, but no time to tell it. Instead, I’ll just post the latest pics of My Little Cthulhu, from Dreamland Toyworks. From all sides now (plus, the Little Victims, almost to scale – I believe Cthulhu is 8″ tall or so…). Is it not nifty? **** Speaking of Great Old Ones […]

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