Great news from Dragonmeet 06

Very short entry, today, since there’s a ton of work I’ve gotta do, and it’s already past 9 a.m. here. Yeah, I died in the Infection game last Saturday. Why? Because I went to the gym. To do something healthy. Like not dying. The good news is, before gymming, I got a call from James […]

Quote of the Year

…for me, anyway. A friend of mine whose family has battled indifferent and incompetent state and local bureaucracy through four domestic adoptions punctuates every horror story by saying, “And every politician who talks about how children are the most important thing is lying.”

Playing catch-up

Tough, tough week, for a number of reasons that were not birthday-related. Thanks to all who sent birthday wishes, btw. That was really nice. I usually just try and cower in a dark place during it. **** Still: Good news on the gaming front. Not only has Cineplexity been at press for a while now, […]

Fall, and a House of Ushers

I’m back in Madison, having seen my good friend Mr. James Wallis safely and happily married to the wonderful Cat Muir, in a small village in Suffolk disturbingly close to another small village called Dunwich. Actually, when I say I saw him married, I actually didn’t see much of it at all: I was outside […]

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