Speaking of…

Dork Tower #34 and Dr. Blink #3 are IN DA HOUSE! They should be in some stores next Wednesday, most stores the Wednesday after that, and all stores the week after. Bug your Friendly Local Games and/or Comics stores to get ’em in now, if you should so feel like it. It’d be much appreciated, […]

Oil and Water and Wipeouts

Today’s cartoon went up late on Dorktower.com. Sorry about that. I’m trying to get to the point where the Monday/Wednesday/Friday ‘toons are up first thing in the morning. Fingers crossed. **** Many people asked if posters made from Monday’s cartoon are available. Well, they aren’t, for several very good legal reasons, but you could probably […]

A dour day indeed

Judith and I took an early-morning walk today, picking wild flowers for a funeral. Unfortunately, mortality seems the theme for the day. **** Tim Hildebrandt, RIP. The Brothers Hildebrandt were about as influential to my generation as they come. Tim Hildebrandt passed away Sunday, at the age of 67. **** Jack “Jaxon” Jackson, RIP Austin […]

The League of Extraordinary Gentlegamers

Matt Forbeck isn’t just an extremely talented, award-winning writer and game designer, nor is is simply the single nicest guy in the entire gaming industry. No, he’s also a great pal of mine. He’s doing an interesting series of articles for Games Quarterly magazine on Celebrity Gamers. His preliminary list is pretty interesting. If anybody […]

Mag*Blasting the hand that feeds you…

For Immediate Release Kovalic Takes on the Games Business in ‘ICv2 Retailers Guide to Games’ Award-winning Editorial Cartoonist bites the hand that fed him! MADISON, WI – Harvey Award-nominated cartoonist John Kovalic has become a regular contributor to the ICv2 Retailers Guide to Games. He will create an editorial cartoon for each quarterly issue, commenting […]

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