Midnight on the Munchkin Oasis…

It is midnight, Central Standard Time. I’m buzzing on Bushmills. Damn you, Warpcon! Damn you, Garry Jackson and your eighteen-year-old Jameson’s, and your making me fall in love with Irish Whiskey!!! πŸ™‚ Yeah…I’m missing Origins. Mixed feelings, but I’m finally finishing Munchkin Impossible, which, for some reason, took far longer than I ever thought it […]

England 2 – Sweden 2

What a miserable English defense in the last minutes of the game. The last goal was meaningless. At least as far as World Cup standings went. And I guess I’d prefer to see England take on Ecuador than Germany next round. But still…bleah! Oh, well. On to cool stuff OTHER people are doing… **** From […]

The Lovely And Talented Judith Speaks

It seems some folks were taken aback by the fact that The Lovely and Talented Judith has forbidden me from going into space. Well, upon reading the replies, Judith has decided to explain her reasoning. Dear LiveJournal Friends of John: This is why John can’t go into space: Reason #1: “Scientists have long known the […]

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