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Archived Comic #723


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Out for a week

There’s an emergency, and I have to go to Russia next week. (Wow, does it sound cool, even being able to say that…) I can’t say why. I was only given four days’ notice. A couple of LJ friends know. But the reason I’m off is not for public consumption just yet. So I’d ask […]

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Chelyabinsk, Russia

Has anyone ever been to Chelyabinsk, Russia? Can anyone tell me anything about it? I have my reasons. John

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Just a friendly reminder, all! Come to Dorkstock! Bring all your dorky friends! Play lotsa dorky games! Win lotsa dorky prizes! See the cool new Dorkstock limited edition T-shirts! Meet the Real Igor, and play Kobolds Ate My Baby with him! Witness the Great Lukeski in Dorkstock’s first-ever concert! Play in the Chicagoland […]

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Home again…home again…giggidty giggidty

In London now. Fly home tomorrow. “Home.” What a concept… Been gone so long, looks like up to me… **** Lucca – big, brilliant, insane, utterly, utterly mad and completely wonderful. Judith and I have NEVER been treated so well, and I’ve never worked so hard. I had no idea what to expect from the […]

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