Dragonmeet/ Dorkstock UK

Wow. Just…WOW. Two things learned: Dorkstock organizer Slev does not take praise well, but he he SHOULD. He did a MAGNIFICENT job organizing Dork Stock UK II. Holy cow. Along with Jinnie’s help, this was a day to remember. Met up with a ton of LJ users (thanks for introducing yourselves, everyone), and sold out […]

Dorkstock UK! Dragonmeet! Woo-hoo!

Here it is! This coming Saturday’s Dorky activities! MANY thanks to Army of Dorkness Major General Slev, Esdevium Games and the Dragonmeet committee for making this happen! SATURDAY, Dec. 4 DORKSTOCK UK at LONDON’S DRAGONMEET Dork Tower’s Army Of Dorkness, Out Of The Box Games & Steve Jackson Games’ MIBs present a day of Games, […]

The Day(s) After

Ok. I’m briefly out of hiding and coming up for air. Just wanted to say a VERY heartfelt “thank-you” to EVERYONE for all the Birthday wishes and cheer. It meant an awful lot to me. Seriously, you guys rock. Also big thanks to some really cool folks who sent some really special presents and cards. […]

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