Christmas Question Time…

Question time: what was YOUR favorite Christmas present of all time, and why? The Lovely and Talented Judith and I engaged in one of our Christmas traditions last night: decorating our tree while imbibing eggnog and watching “The Muppets Christmas Carol” playing in the background. God save my little broken body. I’m not entirely sure […]

Waterloo Sunset. Madison Morning

Last London thoughts: Late night, Waterloo bridge. A drunkard runs across the road, apparently randomly, bringing the Number 188 bus I am on to a sudden, shocking, sickening stop. The driver pulls over, and we wait…and wait…for an ambulance to come to check on some of the passengers. “There’d better be blood on the front, […]

Pies, Chavs and Bucks

Jetlag is VERY weird this trip. Not sure why I’ve yet to be able to break it. Indeed, it’s doing a darn fine job of breaking me. ***** My dad continues to do GREAT. Thanks for all the well-wishes. ***** London seems Pie mad. There are gourmet pies, square pies, Cornish pasties…every corner you turn, […]

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