Eat to the Geek

Friday’s cartoon will be a bit late. I hope to have it up by 1 pm, Central US time. I’m just sayin’, is all… ***** It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks, but with luck, the schedule should become a bit more manageable soon. Oh. Wait. I forgot. DORKSTOCK UK will officially be happening Dec. […]

Dragonmeet, Marcon and More…

I’m still amazed at the deadlines that were met this week, and I’m still exhausted, and there’s still lots more exhausting work to get done TODAY. But here’s the Big New of the Day. I’ll be back at Dragonmeet at last! Saturday, December 4, Dragonmeet bills itself as London’s friendliest games convention, and I’d have […]

Maybe all I need is a shot in the arm…

“The objective of securing the safety of Americans from crime and terror has been achieved.” – JOHN ASHCROFT, the attorney general, in his resignation letter. So… Mission accomplished? But…but they told us theere were WOLVES after us! ***** Working. LOTS of work. Thanks to everyone for posting their Reasons To Be Cheerful on my blog. […]

Dork Tower 29!

OK. I’m officially excited now! As you may be able to suss from the spiffy ad over on the left, THE BIG ISSUE’S COMING, FOLKS! Dork Tower 29: Bug your local games and/or comics stores for it NOW! AND important stuff happens, as far as three certain characters are concerned! Promise! And I mean BIG, […]

The Day After

I will just mention what I’m glad about, and then I will get back to work. _____ In the background: I’m glad I have too much work to do today, so I can’t think about the election too much. I’m glad I tried to help with a few things this election, and not just draw […]

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