There and Back Again

Wow. Am I really back in Madison? And is Wednesday’s cartoon already up at ? How quickly life returns to normal… It was super meeting Army of Dorkness list members at the Dudley Bug Ball in Birmingham, England, last weekend! Ed Hogg (aka Colin Speairs) brought me an AMAZING selection of Scottish beers (and […]

London Calling

Well, I’m safely ensconced in London, and I’ll be taking the train up to Birmingham Friday to prepare for the Dudley Bug Ball. Thanks to efforts above and beyond the call of duty on the parts of Wizard’s Attic and Esdevium Distribution, I also have eight boxes of Dork Tower goodies waiting for me at […]

Six Years of Bliss…

First off, a quick apology to all PC users who were expecting Igor’s rebuff to Macs on Friday. “Spider-Man” opened, and I just had to launch into a series on that. Fear not, though: the Igor vs. Carson Religious Wars (Mac vs. PC) are far from over. It was a busy weekend. The lovely and […]

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