Douglas Adams

I met Douglas Adams once, in 1981. He was signing books and cassettes of The Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy at the Forbidden Planet, when it was just a small store on London’s Denmark Street. I was studying Astrophysics at Queen Mary College, University of London (a vital course for anyone wishing to seriously pursue […]

A Very Dorky Interview!

In a fit of dubious taste, posted a spotlight interview with me today. It’s kind of long. Hope you can keep awake through it: may01/dorks/ My German Adventure: As some of you know, I’ve recently returned from Hannover Spielt in Germany, a very cool covention that, again in a fit of dubious taste, […]


DORK TOWER has been nominated for two prestigious ORIGINS AWARDS this year: Best Game-Related Short Work of 2000 Matt and Gilly’s Big Date appearing in Dork Tower #11 Author: John Kovalic Dork Storm Press Best Professional Game Periodical of 2000 Dork Tower Editor: John Kovalic Dork Storm Press, Corsair Publishing In addition, my design work […]

New mailing lists

Announcing three Dorky new Mailing Lists! Warhamster, PokeTHULHU, Mud Bay Today! These should supplement the Dork Tower and Muskrat-L mailing lists. WARHAMSTER-L For discussion of the WARHAMSTER game and other licensed Dork Tower games (including Chez Dork, Warhamster Rally and games printed in the comic book). Huzzah! Visit or mail to subscribe. ———————————————————————————— […]

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