Boy, and it's not even Sweeps Week.

Here’s another PRESS RELEASE, this time one those nuts at COSMIC ENCOUNTER put out. (And yes, I knew I said I was giving up most game illustration. But this is different. This is COSMIC FREAKING ENCOUNTER! Like you think I’m going to turn down doing a few cards for THEM?) Cosmic Encounter Online meets DORK […]


PRESS RELEASE “WARHAMSTER RALLY” AT THE GATE JOLLY ROGER GAMES PRODUCES FIRST LICENSED DORK TOWER GAME (April 16, 2001) Madison, WI- Jolly Rogers Games in conjunction with Dork Storm Press will be release “WARHAMSTER RALLY“, the first licensed board game based on the DORK TOWER comic book WARHAMSTER world, June, 2001. “The game is a […]

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